Introducing the revolutionary EXUDE Direct Light Illuminator, by Optical Dynamics. Unlike “flashlights”, which disperse light by reflecting it off a mirrored surface which results in dirty, broken and inefficient light, the EXUDE Illuminator uses four state-of-the-art lenses to project a direct and powerful beam of pure, clean light.

Now, over a century after the invention of the flashlight, there is finally a device that projects light directly. The EXUDE Direct Light Illuminator from Optical Dynamics.

It’s the un-flashlight!

The flashlight was invented well over a century ago. It was dubbed a “flash” light because the unreliable light source would flash on and off. By definition, a flashlight disperses light by reflecting it off a mirrored surface – a design that is flawed in that reflecting light is very inefficient. The fact is, a flashlight loses over 50% of its potential light-projecting performance through reflection.

The revolutionary EXUDE illuminator features a patented Collimated Amplified Lens System (CALS)--four state-of-the-art lenses to focus and project a beam of light that is pure, clean and powerful. Unlike a flashlight, which disperses a wide cast of distorted light (which may be okay for a walk in the woods or down a dark hallway), the light from an EXUDE is a narrow beam of clean, intense white light that lets you see tremendous detail up close and at great distances. Situations in which reflected light simply does not perform well.





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