EXUDE OD40 GenII Illuminator

OD40 GenII

Run Time70 minutes

Lens Diameter 40MM
Target Identification Up to 235 yards
Beam Peak Intensity 950 Lumens
Color Pure, Clear, White
Battery Type Rechargeable

Available Summer 2019


EXUDE OD40 GenII (White Light)

  • 20% Brighter than original OD40
  • Three brightness settings
  • USB rechargeable batteries with charger and cord
  • Direct projected beam of optically pure natural light
  • Identify objects in the dark up to 235 yards
  • Simple Bell-turn focus
  • Machined aircraft-grade aluminum body
  • State of the art optical lenses
  • Pure, clean and powerful
  • 1000G Shockproof | IPX7 Waterproof | IPX6 Dust Proof
  • Scope and firearm mountable with adjustable accessory mount
  • Cordura® zip-close storage case
  • Run Time 70 min. on high power, 2 hrs medium, >3 hrs low

The revolutionary EXUDE illuminator features a patented Collimated Amplified Lens System (CALS)--four state-of-the-art lenses to focus and project a beam of light that is pure, clean and powerful. Unlike a flashlight, which disperses a wide cast of distorted light (which may be okay for a walk in the woods or down a dark hallway), the light from an EXUDE is a narrow beam of clean, intense white light that lets you see tremendous detail up close and at great distances. Situations in which reflected light simply does not perform well.

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