OD40mm Illuminator

Lens Diameter 40MM
Target Identification Up to 200 yards
Long Distance Beam 235 yards/215.7 meters
Beam Peak Intensity 11,633 candelas
Run Time 100 minutes
Color Pure, Clear, White
Operating Temperature -20℉ to 120℉
Life of Diode 100,000 hours
Battery Type CR123A(x2) Batteries Included
Weight 13.696 oz with battery




What Will You See?

The OD40 is a Direct Light Illuminator that projects a direct beam of focused, collimated light ideal for object and target identification. The revolutionary Direct Projection Technology infused within this state-of-the-art illuminator uses optical lenses to focus a direct beam of light, that is pure, clean and powerful.

Bright is an Understatement.

The fact is, direct light illuminators are not flashlights. A flashlight loses over 50% of its potential light projecting performance through reflection. Just look at the broken or dirty light your flashlight gives off. An Optical Dynamics Direct Light Illuminator is the un-flashlight. Its light is projected directly from the source. It doesn't bounce off anything, but instead is gathered and kept pure and clean by a series of optical lenses into a direct, focusable beam. You don't want to look in the beam of a direct light illuminator -- it's like looking at the sun.

Light Gets Projected Without Being Reflected.

Reflected light spills far and wide, wasting much of the light generated by flashlight, which is inefficient. The direct light from an OD40 is optically pure and does not spill, so all of the light produced is projected onto the subject, making it much easier to identify what you are trying to see at great distances.

It Doesn't Spook Animals.

Pure, direct projected, natural light is so clean the waves of light are unaltered. This means animals do not flare or scare from an Optical Dynamics Direct Light Illuminator, even when its white light. Unlike reflected lights that disperse "dirty" and "unnatural" light waves, Direct Projection Technology produces the highest quality illumination available today.

A Patented Technology..

Optical Dynamics engineers have developed a revolutionary, patented photonics technology called CALS. This Collimated Amplified Lens System was engineered to truly project visibly harmonized light without the use of reflectors or diffusers. CALS combines specially engineered multi-coated precision lenses of the highest quality never before used in a light projection device for the outdoorsman. The system effectively captures 100% of the light generated from its efficient LED source and projects a harmonious, narrow, adjustable column of pure light that clearly illuminates your target. No light is wasted, sprayed, or reflected back to illuminate you or the surroundings meaning you can focus on whatever it is you want to see in the dark.

A Tough Precision Instrument.

The OD40 is compact, lightweight and easy to handle, carry, or mount onto a scope or rail with an optional mount. It weighs just 14 ounces with the two included CR123A batteries that provide constant operation up to 100 minutes. Its XM-L2 CREE LED and dual battery power source capable of delivering 720 lumens to the lenses that make up the CALS system. Constructed of aircraft grade aluminum, the Optical Dynamics OD40 is shockproof and resistant to water and momentary submersion. It measures just 8-1/2 inches long and is less than two-inches in diameter at its widest point. For shooters, the OD40 is a gun mountable light and is available as a kit with a mount.

It's Not a Flashlight.

Unlike flashlights that reflect an uncontrolled diffused light, the OD40 projects a pure column of light that is measured in Field of View (FOV). Its illuminated focused FOV is 27 feet at 50 yards and 108 feet at 200 yards. The illuminated surface areas created by Optical Dynamics are conducive for use as night-vision in hunting situations. The OD40 optimizes the naked eye's natural vision by supplying a target identification distance of up to 150 yards without lighting up the entire field. When used in conjunction with a scope the target identification distance increases by 33%.

Light Nothing You Have Seen Before.

Those who see it for the first time simply say, "WOW!" You too have to see it to believe it.

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